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Krishang Solanki – the youngest Yo-Yo Master

Krishang Solanki

His name is Krishang Solanki, only 10 years old kid from Ahmedabad, studying in 4th standard. So far looks like other kids. But he has been blessed with a creative mind, which is very much curious for everything he sees. Like his father Nitin Solanki says “He has been curious since he was 2 years old. Then to he could easily mark the differences in things.”

Since the age of 7 years, the liking of Yo-Yo started in him. By watching CDs and shows of Yo-Yo on TV, he got inspired to learn the same.

Today he is the youngest Yo-Yo Master in India. He was also invited for the world Yo-Yo championship, but due to exams and moreover, weather conditions in other country, he couldn’t attend the same.

Far East Promotion Pvt. Ltd., a Promotion and Distribution company based in India once sponsored Krishang for a Yo-Yo competition.

He also was endorsed a trophy for the same from Fast East Promotions Pvt. Ltd. Krishang can perform many Yo-Yo tricks such as Power Spin, Fore Past, Rock the Baby, Rock in the Party, Aloe Vera, Around the World, Eiffel Tower, Brain Twister, Snake Dance, 4 A Trick I, II and various other Mix Tricks,  The interesting thing about him is that, he has even started performing his own tricks. This shows, how much deeply he is interested in playing Yo-Yo. Yo-Yo the game is very much famous in China. Every kid has a flair to play the same, but in India, very few kids even know about it. When I asked Krishang that do you teach your school friends to play Yo-Yo? He says “No, because they don’t even know how to hold a Yo-Yo! And they are not interested in it!” In future, Krishang wants to go to China and participate with Chinese kids playing Yo-Yo and win it, making INDIA proud. Check out him LIVE, performing amazing Yo-Yo tricks.


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3 thoughts on “Krishang Solanki – the youngest Yo-Yo Master

  1. Nandan Jha says:

    Sir, i am a student pf IIT Bombay and coordinator of Mood Indigo(our cultural fest), and want to showcase some of these yoyo tricks by Krishang in our festival, so if possible please mail me his contact info on njhaiitb@gmail.com.

  2. Bob Larson says:

    This is really terribly written… >.< The kid who's in the video is terrible too. I'd hate to see how the other kids in the competition did if he was the best.

  3. Rishi ray says:

    Absolute rubbish this guy knows nothing. He is just a nobody and is a disgrace to yoyoers.

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