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Consciousness is evolving towards Multiple Lovers

Multiple Lovers

Osho Shivo is an enlightened mystic, who finds immense joy in spreading love and harmony. He is a channel of cosmic intelligence, manifesting as the path of love and divine pleasure.

He conducts workshops based on couple meditation, which transport the lovers into the divine paradigm of love and pleasure and hence awakening the power, intuition, sensuousness, creativity and intelligence in them. In his understanding, love is the only antidote to the current whirlpool of depression, the majority of population seems to be going through.

Shivo is an osho sannyasin, currently going through the intense spiritual journey as a part of Oshodhara Sant Sangha.

You are invited to join him for an interactive chat on related topic “Facebook- An Era of Complicated Relationships” on sat 19th June 10PM. You can also join him on his facebook account.


Sarvesh: Generally we associate morality with love. A person who intends or has more than one lovers is looked upon as a person with low moral values. However, it appeals to common sense that love should have no limits whatsoever. How come society came to the conclusion that having multiple lovers degrades the morality? What went wrong?

Shivo: We have not yet understood the deeper meanings of love. In the mind of humans, when it comes to man woman relationship, love almost means lust. So, when there is a lot of exploitation and manipulation in the name of love, it is good that society has put such limitations. It requires a very high social consciousness to sustain freedom in love. Very often, it was noticed in the past, that more than one lover were desired for lusty reasons. So it was natural that they were regarded as immoral.

Sarvesh: That’s true. But isn’t sex too an intrinsic part of a man-woman relationship? It sometimes becomes very difficult in a man-woman to distinguish between lust and love. Moreover, considering sex as the natural desire of human beings, do you want to suggest that one may have as many lovers as one wants, but must stick to only one, when it comes to sex? How will human consciousness evolve towards this?

Shivo: Sex is a very beautiful dimension which exists between man and woman. The problem is not in sex, problem is in how we deal with sex. Is sex a tool of exploitation and manipulation or is it like an innocent play and worship of beloved? If the focus is on fulfilling own desires or gaining power by way of sex, then obviously it is sin, as you have employed the immense energy of sex towards selfish means. However, when one is focused on giving pleasure to beloved, the energy beings to rise through chakras and not only it gives immense pleasure but higher divine dimensions begin to open up. So, one must differentiate between animal sex and divine sex. When one is in such a state of deep surrender and devotion, lover’s soul begins to become one and they taste the true ecstasy of life,

Sarvesh: Yes. Shivoji, the institution of marriage, though criticized severely these days, is still a reality of the society we live in. How do you view the concept of having multiple lovers in the backdrop of marriage? Can they both co-exist?

Shivo: Marriage is an institution based on insecurity. Even though it is collapsing, there seems to be no alternative to that. Though, because of advent of mind consciousness since 1991(as described in Mayan Prophecies), people desire to have more than one lover, but they are not ready to give the same freedom to their partners. They are still living in insecurity and possession. So, even though they may want more than one lovers for themselves, when it comes to the longing of their spouse or lover, same longing is condemned. So I would say, though society desires more than one lover, it is not yet mature enough to build the foundation for such a society, where love could be free. Marriage and multiple lovers can co exists, if one lives in deep love and devotion. And if one is selfish and manipulative than multiple lover is a sure way of getting agonies and disruptions in life.

Sarvesh: That was really a hard hitting explanation. Shivoji, one question that often comes into my mind is about the ‘procreation’ process. In today’s society, procreation is almost always the result of marriage. Nobody would like to be called an ‘illegitimate’ child. If we promote the multiple lover consciousness (without the institution of marriage), how will procreation take place in this world?

Shivo: If you understand the divine science of taking birth, the great soul, choose the parents who are deep in love, they are not bothered about, if they are married or not. So, love is always more important, as it is divine, while marriage is a social institution. If children are born out of true love, it will be easier for great souls to arrive in this world. In high consciousness society, people will not be bothered if the child is born out of marriage or not. They would rather be concerned, if the child is conceived in the moments of deep love and surrender.

Sarvesh: Well Shivoji, I am definitely impressed by your views. But till now you have been telling us about the ‘WHAT’ part. Now I want to know from you the ‘HOW’ part ? What would you suggest a young boy/girl who is about to begin his/her youth life. What would you suggest me, as an individual, who understand and appreciates your view on multiple lover but still have no clue as to how to LIVE that idea practically?

Shivo: One need not worry on the HOW part. One just need to live authentically with deep faith in love. If love is true, it attains a peak and then it morphs into friendship. So, if you love a person truly, you will pass the peak one day and you will arrive at a deep friendship, which is even more valuable than love. And than naturally, you will be attracted to someone else. Every lover is helpful towards the quantum leap of consciousness and if love is true, it will change form when that evolution is over. Than it is the time to move on to the next affair of life. If society can live such a consciousness, than the pace of evolution will get multiplied.

Sarvesh: Deep friendship is more valuable than love. There is not even an iota of doubt in this. I always feel, and many more would agree with me, that its the women, more than man, who find tremendous security in marriage. Its a public perception that women have the tendency to ‘settle down with one man’, where as men, by tendency, are wanderers. Is this true? How can women come to terms with the idea of having multiple lovers, when their basic tendency is to ‘settle down’ ?

Shivo: It is very true that woman look for one man, while man look for many woman. The basic difference is that man treats woman like a trophy, so he wants more and more of them and woman treats man like a security provider, so they wont give up their hold on him. Both of them are operating from low consciousness space. Once woman begins to feel secure, even she will have free choice in the matter of love. We have seen that as woman has become more free financially, the concept of one love no more exists. But she is still depending on man emotionally, so she finally wants to settle down in marriage. With the evolution of consciousness, woman’s insecurity will begin to transform into love and hence it will bring freedom to be with many lovers and multiply their own pace of evolution.

Sarvesh: So, from what you have explained so far, I find that the key to conversion from single lover paradigm to the multiple lover paradigm is the ‘evolution’ of the consciousness of the masses itself. Has the process began? Whats the current scenario in a country like India? Are people opening upto to this and do they want to accept it as a way of their lives?

Shivo: Well. Process has begun only partly. Now, when the mind consciousness has arrived, people desire multiple lovers, but they also feel lots of guilt about it. Year 2012 may see the advent of consciousness, which helps people understand the truly divine paradigm , which may give them freedom to love freely. Such a love will go beyond physicality and will help people take quantum leap in spirituality.

Sarvesh: That’s it from my side. I hope one day we will find ourself in such a highly evolved society which respects love and freedom much more than petty insecurities.

Shivo: Well, I wish I can see such a society within my life time. Thank you very much for your insightful questioning.

Sarvesh: Thank you for making this topic so clear, especially for the younger generation who would be the pillars of tomorrow’s society. It was really pleasuring talking to you.


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12 thoughts on “Consciousness is evolving towards Multiple Lovers

  1. melisa says:

    dear Sir

    what a wonderful interview it reflect the great morality of a human been and sir as differentiate the current trend of love and real love. Some of them devastated the true mean or value of love and sex , for them sex is actually a pleasure and they actually does not know its a divine relationship between to wonder human that is men and women. its a great message to everyone

  2. Sarvesh says:

    These are truely…truely the pearls of wisdom…

  3. Richa says:

    Sarvesh the questions have been drafter beautifully and Shivo the answer are explained covering all possible aspects.Left me with few thoughts –
    1. Why did the consciousness level dropped ? There must be strong reason, we arent governing the whole process ourselves…its happening and flowing through us
    2. Why are opposite sex created, if we go deep down to the animal kingdom amoeba never had opposite sex…it could procreate as much as it wanted…with evolution the number of partners decreased and progenies decreased ..WHY?
    3. Lastly arent the number of souls in universe constant ? If yes then how is a new soul born ?

    1. Ajay jayantilal kanadia says:

      1. Why did the consciousness level dropped ? There must be strong reason, we arent governing the whole process ourselves…its happening and flowing through us
      Answer – In observation There is 6 level – 3 up and 3 down. On downside there Essential self – Real self – No self, in no self there is pure consciousness and this consciousness has same quality of existance itself. But we do not connect with that consciousness, it seems us to dropping the level. Consciousness has certain quality – Experiencing & knowing.
      2. Why are opposite sex created, if we go deep down to the animal kingdom amoeba never had opposite sex…it could procreate as much as it wanted…with evolution the number of partners decreased and progenies decreased ..WHY?
      Ur question is the answer- When amoeba splits into with one body – slowly slowly it turns into two polarity of positive & negative. And we know that positive and negative generate electricity. In human body this quality develops new human body – with opposite sex. And split amoeba searching the half part in the universe – this opposite sex attracts and want to become one in the love.
      3. Lastly arent the number of souls in universe constant ? If yes then how is a new soul born ?
      Read the destiny of soul and journey of soul of Michel Newton, you will get full answer.

      Swami Premjeet.

  4. Sarvesh says:

    @Richa :

    Very interesting thoughts!

  5. Anand says:

    There was an old fellow from Lyme
    Who married three wives at one time.
    When asked, ”Why the third?”
    He replied, ”One’s absurd,
    And bigamy, sir, is a crime!”

  6. osho shivo says:

    Dear Richa,
    Thanks so much for the wonderful questions. It is not that the consciousness level dropped, but it evolved. Before we were in agricultural society and demands of industrialization made is necessary to focus and streamline everything. However, consciousness is again transforming and we are in the times of ideas and hence the one life one lover system is failing, as mind wants to explore more.

    Why opposite sex? Because the whole existence operates in paradoxes. So, as the existence is becoming richer, the paradoxes are even more acute. At the level of truth there is oneness, no contradictions. But at the level of creation all paradoxes are there like day and night, good and bad, man and woman. It is because of paradoxes we are challenged and hence we remain in action. It is because of paradoxes, our consciousness grows. It is because of the friction of two poles, the varieties take birth. Anyways, what would be the fun in the world if all were men and all were women?

    Well, there are infinite souls and they all are in evolution process. Buddha used to say that even the stone has consciousness and will become buddha some day. Now science says that every electron has consciousness as it doesnt move as per rule , it rather makes its own choice, when to be a particle and when to be a wave.

  7. Mamta says:

    I am really very impressed by this interview bcz evrything is related to truth and truth is GOD and GOD is truth.
    and I LOVE GOD n GOD LOVEs me !!

  8. cmorrison says:

    I do want to comment on Osho’s idea that casual sex with many partners is ok. It is NOT okay. I have dated a man who worships these Osho ideas and this idea about casual sex has ruined him. He already had attachment problems, low self esteem and some mental illness. I love him and over time found out he is having sex with maybe 8-10 women some old enough to be his mother. This is gross. What has happened is sex has no meaning to him, it is like going to the bathroom. People have become objects, just mere objects that mean nothing, but to be used to “get off” and leave. I had to leave him. He was my soul mate and I had to leave because of this nonsense. He cares for me more than them, but I do not have to compete. Sex is not love. I wished Osho would stop promoting this, it is not healthy when a person already has problems, now, my man friend has sexual addiction on top of everything else. He does nothing but works and sleeps around. That is his life, shallow and empty and he cannot get close to anyone. Thanks for ruining this person further Osho. It is sad and disgusting, very sad in deed.

  9. Osho Shivo says:

    You are so very true, my dear friend cmorrison.

    Casual sex can destroy anyone, as this leads to flow of energy to lower chakras. Osho has never promoted casual sex. He opposed the moralistic / social sex and promoted divine sex, which is higher than marrige oriented sex. What you friend is doing, he has fallen below the moral sex and may be using the osho’s words as excuses.

    Anyone who falls in love (sex) would be destroyed in his life. That is not the idea of this interview. I have very clearly written that one should be in deep love before entering into sex. However, I have said that love cant be restricted to one, as one can be in love with many at the same time. Only the very high conscious people can practice this multiple lover stuff. Those who use this an an excuse to satisfy their sexual itch, will fall and have horrible times.

    To rise in love, one must first enter into the state of meditative awareness and / or deep devotion to life and lover, and then only enter in sex. Entering in sex just based on desires is disastrous and will lead to horrible consequences.

    1. C.Morrison says:

      I see what you’re saying and yes, that is what has happened. He lies to the women making them think they are the only one. He does not take them out and have fun, he shows up, talks a bit, has sex and leaves…sort of like a prostitute. He was abused as a child and is empty inside, he claims he “fills” his emptyness with sex or “raises” himself up with sex. He does not like himself and so he thinks if this person likes me or if that person likes me, I am a better person, while he does not like them. He has told me, some annoy him and others are not attractive. Yes, he uses Osho words to condone his behavior. Sad thing is I love him truly and have tried to get him help so he can see it is him that needs help to love himself first. Then and only then when he is healthy he can be in love. What he is doing is “using” naive, desperate and lonely women. Sad way to live. Osho does offer lovely words and I wished he would understand the true meaning of these words.

  10. Osho Shivo says:

    Dear Morrison,

    I truly wish, you can help him by being a compassionate and motherly. Chances are that he is missing the love of his mother. For this to happen, you need to raise yourself in love. You cna do this only if you begin to meditate. My beloved master OSHO has given soem great meditation techniques. Once you begin to follow, it will transform not just your life but also his life. Trying to convince him is not going to help. But your own transformation woudl be his ladder.

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