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School Chale Hum

School Chale Hum Video song

Duration: 03:34 minutes

What an inspirational song. “School chale hum, badal sa barse hum”. It is just amazing. The sun is set to rise, school bell rings and all children leave their home and go to school.

In the beginning of the song, children open the door, which means that they are unstoppable to go to school. A kid climbs the hurdle which comes on his way. It shows that whatever hurdle comes on their way, they will climb it and go for their destination which is their school.

Even the girls are going to school. The video gives us the message of education for all children weather it is boy or a girl. Both are important. Every child on this earth has right to education. Education makes your life with full of happiness and new experience. Education grooms the life. Education improves our life, it teaches us how to live the life.

By educating them, we give them the introduction about the world, the languages, the history, the people, the science, the art and lots more. “Education is most powerful weapon which you can use to the change the world” said Nelson Mandela. It is the weapon to change the world, to bring revolutionary changes the world. Children are the future of the world. They are the new generation of world, and it is their right to get education to know about their surroundings.

They should shine like the sun. Schooling is that part of life, which we can never forget. It has everything: studying, learning, having fun, and making friends. It is the best part of life. Education teaches us many things like discipline, increasing our knowledge and language.

Education improves our life by getting knowledge, knowing famous people in the world, various countries, various people, various inventions etc. Education moulds the life of individual, specially to those children who are unable to get education because of the ignorance in their surroundings.

Let’s strengthen the message of “School Chale Hum.”


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17 thoughts on “School Chale Hum

  1. kunj palan says:

    super che !!! 🙂

  2. vaidehi thakker says:

    gud yaar!!

  3. Kamal Bhalia says:

    I truly agree with this article, it shows the benefits and importance of education. but the coin has two sides one is good one is bad. for telling good things about education there are so many things to say. but in the reality there is a bitterness of politics in education, privatization of education is the worst thing, how many people can effort higher studies? if it is a right by law to have education for the civilian, it is government’s responcibility to make it avilable for everyone.

  4. Disha Dhedhi says:

    wow rupal..
    good one:-)
    keep it up!!

  5. jayendra says:

    very nice

  6. krunal says:

    too good loved it

  7. prasad says:

    man thts good work

  8. pankaj says:

    hmmm thts different

  9. chanhal says:

    too good swty too good

  10. Ravi Joshi says:

    Article is really good, but Indian Education System has a major role in Destroying Children s Creativity.. So it should be taken care of first..

  11. Vinod says:

    Absolutely great article! A definitely A1 (number ONE!) for this RT!
    Certainly agree with everything you said.
    Great video and ShankarEhsanLoy have done it again!
    Are there other articles in the pipe line?

  12. Pradeep Amon says:

    Very Impressive. Need to educate poor childrens their are so many wandering in streets. they beg for food, money , small innocent kids doing each and every kind of work which they really don’t have to do. When I see these kids my heart waileth upon their condition. God loves every kids and every kid is precious in His sight. There should be an free education in every streets, places for the poor children, so that no children should be uneducated in INDIA.
    U wrote a wonderful Article keep up the spirit God Bless You Abundantly and Keep You safe and sound. Take Care.

  13. RAVI.J.TANK says:

    THIZ IZ very touching.

    i may share in my life my sohool dayz waz simply wonderful….

    so it touched me A lot>….

    RUPAL keep it UP!!..

  14. vikas rajpopat says:

    Wonderful effort Rupal!
    Great Going…
    Keep it Up!

  15. Parish Joshi says:

    Hi Rupal.
    Nice effort. Frankly tell you it seems like essay on the importance of education and not an article. Your target readers know these all virtues of education. You should break out some inner issues relate to education, like corruption in government schools, stale food given to Anganwadi children, fees structure in private schools which is unaffordable for middle class and expose those hurdles which stops poor slums children to reach to schools’ door. As a young and enthusiastic journalist, I know you can do such things excellently. My intention is to wider your vision and horizons. Your efforts are appreciable. Good luck.

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