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Take the responsibility to be simply yourself: Swami Prem Vimalgit

Swami Prem Vimalgit

Fredrick Stockton was born on 8/18/1952 at 1:15 AM. He is an Osho sanyasi and enjoys the Osho name as Swami Prem Vimalgit which in English means “Song of Purity.” He had some college education and now works in building trades. He lives in North Bergen, New Jersey, USA. He had too many artful endeavors to list but upmost is his being a devotee of his Master Osho.


Q.: What inspired you to become an Osho Sanyasi?

Hmmm.  Difficult to answer, but here goes!  Even as a child I have had mystical practices, such as doing Yoga asanas, even though at that age of five or six I knew nothing of it or had even heard the word.  I would also do what I would. later in life, find out to be Tratak, where I would stare unblinkingly into a mirror….till my face would change often…and finally it would also disappear.  So I was born in search!

As an adult and on a bus ride from South Carolina, back up to N.Y.C., I was introduced to Meher Baba by a fellow passenger.  As soon as I got to the city, I headed straight to Samuel Weiser’s Bookstore in Greenwich Village, where I bought God Speaks by Baba.

Well…That was it!!  This book blew my mind, so to speak, apart from the Divine Theme, I learned that there were beings called Sadgurus…Perfect Masters, and all five of them in India!  Well now my search intensified along with my longing.

To come to the point of how I received sannyas, I will just put it bluntly and straightforward.   After work one day, I stopped at a Barnes and Nobles Bookstore and noticed Bhagwan’s photo on the cover of “The Book of the Secrets”.  I picked it up and read a few pages, and could not dismiss anything that I read.  The words touched me deeply.  I bought it, took it home and read a few pages more.  I went to sleep and in the morning got ready to go to work.  I then looked at Bhagwan’s book photo, the thoughts …”I Love You’…passed through my head….and in that instant….my hands come up in Namaste (Ihad never heard that word)…and Bhagwan appeared within me…Divine Light…Love…and Bliss.  After this happening, I could no longer work and stayed in seclusion for over a year….without ever once stepping out onto the streets.  All I did was the meditations from the book.  That’s how I received sannyas.

Q.: When it comes to Osho, generally people have a belief (or say misbelief) that Osho communes, Osho Ashrams provide a platform to find sex partners and rather it is said that, they actually enjoy sex inside communes itself. This issue has been debated and discussed numerous times by numerous people around the world. After becoming an Osho sanyasi, what’s your frank say or real-life experience on this subject? Is it true? Is it false? Or it is the mixture of both?

I never had sex with anyone either at Rajneesh Puram in Oregon….Oh yes!! Once with my then wife.  And when I went to Poona I did not have any there, although I’m sure somebody had sex at one time or another.  I never witnessed any of it, if what the general public perceived of one giant orgy going on, that simply was not the case.  People were there, as I was because of Osho and their inner search.

Q.: Osho has delivered his lectures almost on everything. What part of Osho attracts you and why?

Apart from His enlightenment, of which for me there is no why…and no question at all……His sense of humor….why because He’s funny..:)

Q.:  What do you do for living?

I work in the building trades.

Q.: Osho says “Life is all celebration. It exists here and now.” Have you been able to live upto this statement?

Absolutely!  Everything from breathing….to writing this..:)

Swami Prem Vimalgit

Q.: What kind of meditations you follow in your daily life? Explain them in detail with their benefits for knowledge of others.

Meditation for me has dropped….or I can say that I do a “general meditation” where awareness is brought to everything I do….say or think!  I highly recommend for anyone to make the effort….for there is an inexhaustible supply of thing to become aware of……

Q.: Which are your favorite Osho quotations?

The priest and the politician… are the Mafia of the soul!”.

Q.: What does spirituality mean to you?

Don’t really know what spirituality is. I know what the Divine is..(for God has been given such a bad reputation)….but words are of no use…in being able to explain Divine..!

Q.: In this highly advanced technological era, we see that people are losing their peace of mind, getting frustrated and angry, not finding the true love or being cheated in relationships and what not. This is common among rich and poor people. What’s your take on this entire scenario?

Go within!…as you see the utter nonsense happening worldwide….because awareness, consciousness, is outward…..time to go within before it’s too late for this beautiful Divine Creation..

Q.: What special message you would like to give away to people of this world?

MEDITATE!…Stop looking for happiness, joy, bliss, a peaceful life outside of yourself.  It has to start with the individual, take the responsibility to be simply yourself!!

I will quote Atisha here for a little help:

“Always rely on a happy frame of mind
Don’t think about anything that concerns others
Abandon all hopes of results.- Atisha”

..This leads you to only yourself….be happy.

Q.: How can people reach you?



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