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The Magic of NANOFIXIT – By Shane

I’m not a techy person but I do love searching for an update and new brands or models of TV’s, games laptops, cellphones and other gadgets in store. Sometimes I just love reading comments on blogs and social media sites about any related issues and topics especially with new releases on mobile phones.

One night a friend saw me lurking and commenting in one Facebook page and saw my phone leaving an insulting joke about it… I wasn’t hurt ‘coz it’s true and she told me to look for a NANOFIXIT and it can do magic for my phone and me as well (with an evil laugh). I was like what, duh!?! And she was like “Just search it, bye!”

But to tell you honestly it makes me think…”what is it? Nanofixit? What’s with that? Can do magic with my phone, duh! There’s nothing wrong with my phone…haler it’s just that it looks old because of the scratches!” And my fingers started typing it on a search tab and found this page of a cool Invisible Screen Protector.

NANOFIXIT is the first liquid screen protector. This Nano technology is a one-size-fits-all solution that is so easy to apply, you just rub 1-2 drops on the screen of your cellphone or tablet, for 30 minutes leaving a scratch free new look forever.  Aside from protecting your gadget from getting scratches NANOFIXIT can also do the following:

  • It makes your gadget 10x scratch resistance, making the surface stronger than before.
  • It unlocks the full brightness capability of your screen
  • It enhances vividness, where you can enjoy the rich color of your screen to its full capability
  • It protects the screen surface of your mobile phones and gadgets from any liquid spills
  • The nano coating creates filter on the camera capturing the light better and clearer by up to 50%
  • Anti-UV radiation
  • It has an anti-bacterial feature

A bottle of NANOFIXIT can be use not just on a single mobile phone but also with your other gadgets or even with your sunglasses.

Wow it works that well, the magic I need for my gadgets! With NANOFIXIT you no longer have to worry on finding a screen protector that could fit your mobile phone and changing it every time it peels off.

And I admit, I must and will surely buy and use it!

You can find more information about #NANOFIXIT by visiting their Blog and read The Top 5 Reasons Why To Apply Nanofixit here:



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3 thoughts on “The Magic of NANOFIXIT – By Shane

  1. Thank you for your great review of #Nanofixit and sharing this new technology with our friends all over the world.

    Keep up the great work.

    Best Paul.

  2. yogesh says:

    when and where this nanofixit bottle available in india?

    1. Dhivya says:

      It’s available in all major mobile retail outlets and soon will be available online too!

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