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Traffic and music of vehicle horns on Indian roads

I live in the city of Rajkot (Gujarat – India) an I’ve a bike. Everyday I require to go difference places in my city which has over a million population and increasing every year. Two-wheelers is a common vehicle which every medium-class person owns. Roads are not much wide, city highly populated with maximum number of two-wheelers.

While driving on a road during morning timings of 9 to 11 and evening timings of 6 to 8 is special kind of treatment.

Listening various different kinds of musical compositions created using ‘horny’ of two-wheelers is an experience to have.

Nobody really cares that their unnecessarily horning may be disturbing someone so badly, as it is noise-pollution.

So they just keep on buzzing their horns.

I wonder what exactly is going through their mind when they’re buzzing their horns on highly trafficked roads? May be their subconscious mind wants others to just disappear and make a way for them, so as they can reach their destination at the speed of light. I mean what else possible reason be behind their such noisy, disturbing horning? They see and know that it’s high traffic, nobody can just give them a way, because they themselves are messed up in the same traffic. So what possibly can be done is, keep driving without buzzing horns. But this simple logic or thinking is too much to think for those noisy musicians.

Anyway, I happened to record a video on a square spot during highly traffic time. And below is the result of it which you can watch live!

You can clearly watch in above video how messed up traffic is on Indian road, mostly being in city of Rajkot.

It’s square spot. There are no traffic signals. Vehicles are continuously coming from all lanes of this square and passing by each other with a minimum distance.

At points, we feel “Oh! there is going to be an accident” but it doesn’t happen.

Why? We are so used to such no-traffic-rules driving. This is a routine for us.

And it’s not always like this that no accidents happen. Some serious accidents do happen if vehicles are driven with high-speed on such cheeky roads. And the injury is dangerous too, sometimes causing death.

I also shot another video of Indian road, which you can enjoy below. It shows an entire road, while I am driving my bike and my father holding my camera.

You will also see even cows sitting on road, which is an often sight on few roads in Rajkot. Sometimes such cows fighting on roads cause severe accidents, resulting death, and such cases have happened.

I believe that self-discipline is what required in order to change traffic situation. For instance, people stop buzzing their horns unnecessarily. This can be a great impact. But it requires great traffic knowledge and awareness to follow such rules. Even educated people do not follow such rules.

So you tell me your views and experiences of Indian Traffic. I would be glad to hear them.


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