Mind Power

“The most beautiful and dangerous organ of a person is – MIND.”

Definition: – An organ of soft nervous tissue contained in the skull of vertebrates, functioning as the coordinating center of sensation, and of intellectual and nervous activity.

Function: – The brain, together with the spiral cord, constitutes the central nervous system. It is responsible for monitoring and regulating unconscious and voluntary actions and reactions in the body. It’s also the intellectual center that allows thought, learning, memory and creativity.

Mind is the controlling organ of the whole body as all of us know. For any task the origin is brain. Your action is always transformation of your brain.

Why I have chosen the name of the article UNBELIEVABLE MIND, the reason is one can do anything with the power of the brain. One can learn as much as possible, one can sit idle. Many people have creative mind, means they always do something creative, but generally most of the people are having destructive mind. They feel happy by destroying other’s work and creation.

Generally in a person, from jeans of their parents, few things are already in their nature and other things will come from their day to day life, as the person is growing, from the surrounding atmosphere.

Mind can create large infrastructure or can even destroy them. The thing is to develop it with positive attitude. Generally one person is able perform to multi functions at one time. When a person is driving, physically he/she is driving vehicle but mentally he / she is thinking some thing else than about driving the vehicle.


Generally we are having habits to forget things easily, this thing happens due to lack of concentration. This is a general problem from the age of childhood till death. Everyone knows Swami Vivekanand and his mind power, his ability to remember stuffs. Every one wishes to achieve that, but to acquire the same ability, one should leave spicy food and must live simple life with few rules. One should do Pranayam to achieve that status of mind.

Osho said that Samadhi is the solution of everyone’s problem. One can solve his/her problems by Samadhi. Every one is blessed by life from god. Everyone has same time, but everyone spends it different way. I believe that the most precious thing in life is time. There is an old tale that “free mind is residence of devil.”

One another term is mind. That we are using instead of brain in our conversations. The wish is generated from mind and transformed by action by a person. Same way, whatever incidents occur in day to day life is transformation of mind or thoughts. There is no end of wishes, but it’s necessary for growth, for development. Greed of knowledge is necessary in my point of view. I always wish to know more and more. I believe that I gained only 0.001 % knowledge of the things available on earth regarding to different topics.

Mind Power

Mind is the most beautiful because. It gives inspiration to build infrastructure, perform science related experiments. The power of mind is endless. We can not measure it, only we can increase it. Many people have creative mind which they are using for good cause, to help others. No matter if you have not eye sight or any other physical disability, but if one is having vision then that person can do anything. There are plenty live stories available in the whole world in which these people are working well compare to normal people.

What they have is will power, strong mind, and positive attitude. Scientists are working to know more and more about this mysterious mind. So, mind is beautiful than anything else in the whole world.

Mind is most dangerous organ of human body, because it’s a controller of the body, like CPU of a computer. If it’s full of negative attitude then it’ll destroy the whole world. Like today’s world has the biggest threat of terrorism, which can not be solved by anyone. We have to kill the thinking which is not an easy job. Same way our politicians, they are most selfish people of the world. They are pretty good in mind game. They are not worried about people. They are worried about their money, their position. Their greed for money is destroying common people’s lives. We can not change politicians, greedy people who can only think about themselves. Same way terrorism, it’s a global issue, they are not living life peacefully and not allowing others to live it peacefully either. So, their thinking is more venomous than poison.

Mind Power

For normal person, mind is mostly occupied for the purpose of earning money. For artists, mind is working for imaginations. For scientists mind is searching for answers for unsolved questions. For lovers mind is occupied with loved one’s memories. For students mind is full of confusions, planning and hope for good result in examinations. For every one mind is working in different directions.

I salute god for making this beautiful organ for people, which is used for decision making. We can make decisions which affect the whole society. So, think positive, do prayanam to improve capacity of mind. One can solve his problem by themselves by Samadhi and by deep thinking.

I would strongly recommend to watch below introductory video of ‘The Secret‘ to know about the real Mind Power.


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12 thoughts on “UNBELIEVABLE MIND

  1. This article reminded me of the movie Matrix. Infact, Hinduism has been describing the unlimited power of human mind since ages. I mean what are the boons that Gods and Sages used to render to their deities? To me, those boons were the words spoken with extreme devotion and strength of mind that the universe had to obey it and make appropriate arrangements. And similar way, curse was the same thing, but carrying negative energy and negative emotions.

    And the video of The Secret featured in this post is a MUST MUST MUST watch. It says the same thing. Believe in yourself, have strong faith, not mere positive thinking is enough, feeling the feelings of having things you wish to have!!

    Excellent starter, Neema..

  2. neema says:

    i’m also agree with you devang, mind power is a kind of thing that it increases as we use it more & more.

  3. milan nimavat says:

    i also belive this mind power . i am practising this from last five year
    i wan to lear to devlop mind power

  4. raj says:

    please advise me , a power of mind and power of soul.

  5. Claire Richardson says:

    i never doubt that mind power can also increase the healing ability of the body.-`;

  6. Kai Collins says:

    i always thought that there is some sort of built in mind power in everyone of us.’~-

  7. Mohammad Murphy says:

    mind power somehow exists in one way or another*`”

  8. Round Kitchen  says:

    i do know from my experience that mind power exists and it can be used for our well being`;*

  9. UV Paint : says:

    i also believe in mind power and that there are still some hindden stuffs on our brain that is very powerful-“-

  10. somehow there is mind power in everyone of us, we just need to develop it -~”

  11. leo roars says:

    I agree with you. But how can we control the mind ? Is there anything which can help me out for controlling my mind to obtain the stage of master mind?

  12. mahesh says:

    ya.. its a game i think
    the thing which around us and atmosphere in our area is different in every place..

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