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Unbelivable – NRI Husband gets caught red handed on FM Radio

This story has no moral whatsoever. There are no hidden inspirations involved in this story either. It’s just a bitter truth of life. Rather, it shows how an eastern person gets melted with Western culture and ruins his life, and of his family too.

This is a story of Raj and Jasmin – an NRI couple. When this incident happened (hear Audio), it had been 3 years of their marriage. As usual, they got married in India only and then got settled in USA. Raj works in I.T. field. From his voice, he sounds very Indian! And his wife Jasmin sounds more smart and clever than him. Raj is just a sandwich of different cultures. At one end he is tied with Indian culture and  traditions but at another end he prefers Western Culture more.


There is this FM Radio Show where RJ tries solving problem of Jasmin who has called him. She says “For last six months things have started to change. Raj is acting very American but not in a good way. He stays out of the home whole night, goes to parties leaving me alone.”

Radio Jockey is so energetic. Jasmin also says “I have a doubt that today he has gone to that popular party (hear in the Audio). I want to know if he is really there. I have a doubt he has taken another woman with him. The doubt itself of he is taking someone else, makes me angry and nervous.

Now this RJ does a trick. He calls up to that party where Jasmin thought Raj, her Husband might be enjoying. And she was true. Raj comes on phone. RJ starts saying that “Sir, you have won two tickets for a grand party this Thursday.” At first, Raj thinks that it’s some type of joke or scam so he says he is not interested. But RJ is too smart. He says “Sir, as you have recently purchased a new car, your name has been selected as a big winner today. You have won tickets for Thursday party. You are gonna have time of your life there.”

Now, coincidentally even Raj was thinking to go to this party. And as RJ acts so confident with his offer, Raj believes in him.  And so RJ asks him that “Sir, give us the name of your partner whom you like to join you this party.” Now, Jasmin, Raj’s wife is live on phone too. She is listening all this conversation, but she is silent. Upon RJ’s asking, Raj says name as “Nykki“. Boommmm!!!!

And Raj gets caught. But still RJ doesn’t reveal the truth and he asks that “What message you want me to write for Nykki on tickets?” Raj says “Dear Nykki, thank you for showing me the way of American love. you are my favorite Buddha girl.”

Listening this, Jasmin gets damn angry and jumps into conversation by asking “Who the hell is Nykki?” RJ is laughing like a mad man. Hearing Jasmin’s voice, Raj gets shocked. At first, he seems to be out of his senses and asks who is this, what is this questions! RJ asks whether Raj recognizes this voice. Raj is totally out of his senses and keeps asking “what is going on?”. His wife Jasmin replies “What is going on is what I would like to know as well.”

Still Raj is fumbling. He says “The voice is somewhat like my wife. How come you are on Radio?”. Raj senses that Jasmin is here. Jasmin goes out of the way saying she is too angry and is pissing! Raj tries to be smart by saying Nykki is a friend of his.

But as Jasmin starts hitting Raj with words, Raj too hits back with some unbelievable words like “American women use their mouth, you don’t“, “We are coming from India. You refuse to use your mouth. Nykki will do anything I ask her to.” This is the extreme time of the conversation. RJ is laughing. Jasmin is outrageous and Raj is into arguments. Jasmin just can’t believe that Raj is talking all this in front of everyone knowing that he is on Radio and people are listening their conversation.

But Jasmin too fights back with the same words saying “You don’t use it either. May be a man is also need to use his mouth.” She tries to taunt Raj here. But Raj has no limits whatsoever today. He says “25% of the time you are on periods anyway. Moreover, American women – they are open to having another women too.”

Here Raj seems to be unsatisfied with Jasmin in sex. Like the words that Raj uses for comparing Jasmin with his American friends, says he wanted it more or rather American way! And at the end Raj adds the most extreme sentence when he says “You are not satisfying me anymore.”


Listen to above audio conversation first. You will get to hear what you possibly never heard before. It shades lights on NRIs and their lives. Here in India, we think that if an Indian girl gets an NRI boy, there is nothing better than that. But this story tells just the opposite.

Agree, this isn’t a common story. It happens once in a hundreds times. But what condition the girl is put in when such things happen with her, when she is miles away from her parents? She is totally dependent on her husband only. Now if husband too leaves her, she is in hell for sure. Here, Jasmin looked quite educated and with fighting spirit. So we can guess that she would have given Raj great fight later on and not just suffering silently.

But what if Jasmin was helpless. What if her parents were not that capable enough? God knows, what she could have done then. Either she could leave country and come back India or just get used to Husband’s external affairs.

The story has real touch of both the cultures. At times, it is damn funny and otherwise, it is sad. But whatever, this is a real story.

Share your views on this quite controversial story. I would really like to know what you think about this story.


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4 thoughts on “Unbelivable – NRI Husband gets caught red handed on FM Radio

  1. jaya says:

    this story is not a new to any women. bcoz not an nri even in india people i mean al the men s try to live like same. no body wants to folow the morals. no emotions thye jst wnt to enjoy theirlife. for men life means that only. no body leves the opportuniyt if any time they get. every women in country wl have this problem. bcoz mens mindset that wat a women can do. they need to adjust or els leave. they cant think the same ifa w0men does can they bare . its my questin. all bloody fools. thats y i hate the men.

  2. arvind badal says:

    you are doing a nice job.
    keep it up.

  3. John DOe says:

    a) It’s not Buddha Girl, it’s booty call.
    b) It was staged, it’s not even real. Please, stop assuming assimilation always hurts families.

  4. bart says:

    firts of all..how on earth was jasmine and raj amrried as arranged..she is definitely christian and he is a hindu by the name 😛

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