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Vedic Astrology v/s Western Astrology

Vedic vs Western Astrology

Shivo has studied the vedic astrology as well as western astrology in depth, which resulted into invention of a whole new method – “Energy Matrix Astrology“. Recently Shivo has challenged all the astrologers across the world, where he claims that Energy Matrix Astrology is far more accurate and effective than Vedic and Western Astrological methods, being practiced currently. You can know more about this challenge at the Facebook page- “Global Astrological Challenge” . You can also join his facebook profile by name “Astrologer Shivo” . You can also join him for a LIVE interactive chat on “Vedic Astrology v/s Western Astrology” at his facebook page on sat 12th June 10:00 PM IST.

Shivo is an inspirational astrologer and carries the mission of turning astrology into the tool for making right choices in the current chaotic environment. He is also making immense efforts to popularize the scientific dimension of astrology and hence making it free from the fear psychosis and superstitions. Shivo is also an astrology coach with unique teaching methods, which unravels the complex mysteries of astrology in simple, interesting and practical manner.


Sarvesh:  People generally confuse ‘astronomy’ with ‘astrology‘. The former being a western concept with scientific focus while the latter being more a mysterious art with eastern roots. Does the west have its OWN concept of astrology? Does it CONTRADICT or COMPLEMENT the vedic concept?

Shivo:  Astronomy and astrology have always been interlinked. In west, astronomers like Copernicus and Galileo studied its astrological dimension with immense curiosity. At present, many feel that western and Vedic concepts of astrology are contradictory, but both can be integrated towards a system, which is more accurate than any one individual system.

Sarvesh:  So you mean to say that both – vedic and western concepts are incomplete individually? Can you elaborate precisely as to what are the major differences?

Shivo:  There is one key mistake, which has been made in western astrology and that is where the vedic astrology holds the superiority. Western astrology use tropical zodiac, while vedic astrology applies sidereal zodiac. There is a difference of more than 23 degrees between both. This difference has arisen because vedic astrology takes into account the procession of equinoxes (known as ayamansh in vedic astrology term).

In simple terms, the zodiac belt, which we observe around us, go back by one degree every 72 years and this has been accounted in vedic astrology, while western astrology considers fixed zodiacs. That is why, you will normally observe that if your sun sign is Libra in western astrology chart, than most likely it will be virgo in vedic astrology charts, because of the 23 degrees difference. In astrological charts it is likely that most of the planets are placed one sign behind in vedic astrology. There is only one reason, why the shifting zodiacs should be used, that reason is that shifting zodiac is factual. So, if sun is placed in libra in western astrology chart, and in virgo in vedic astrology chart, if you actually looked up in the sky at the time of birth, you will discover that sun is placed in virgo. So the zodic signs used by vedic astrology are real, while those used in western astrology are just a concept.

Because of this difference, the concept of houses and house lordships has been at a very undeveloped stage, and that makes the predictive powers of western astrology quite weak.

Sarvesh:  That was a wonderful explanation. It tells us that the innovators of the vedic concept had considered the intricacies, which the westerners had missed or ignored. Can you now throw some light on some of the positive aspects of the western concept?

Shivo:  Vedic astrology horoscope has only fixed points, while western astrology has a concept of progression, according to which planets shifts at a very slow pace. Western astrology have a beautiful method called solar progression, which is used to calculate the aspects between planets, which is further utilized to predict the events. However, because of lack of house and lordship concepts in western astrology, the predictions used by this method are too general in nature. If the same concept is utilized within the framework of vedic astrology, it attains immense predictive powers.

As per this concept, if someone was born on 1st oct, his sunsign is virgo as per vedic astrology (and libra as per western astrology, which is incorrect factually). But at the age of around 17, his sun will enter the zodiac sign of libra. So till 17, his character would be virgo and from 17-47 he is more of a libran and after 47, he will be more like a scorpion. In this fashion, not only sun shifts, but each and every planet shifts through the zodiac and in the process it also changes the house. In the example we are taking here of sun in virgo, if the ascendant is scorpio, then sun is placed in 11th house for first 17 yrs and in 12th house from 17-47 years.

As the sun shifts the house from 11th to 12th, immense changes in his life will be caused, which can only be predicted with the help of this progression method. So till 17, sun will give the impact of being in 11th house, which means, he will be a winner and will shine. However, as the sun shifts to 12th house at the age of 17, he will begin to lose in whatever tasks he undertakes, as life will now teach the lesson of humility and egolessness. Can you see, this is such an important change and this can only be predicted if vedic and western astrology concepts are combined. Not considering the progression is the fault, which turns vedic astrology inaccurate, along with the maturing age of the native. This is why, you would have noticed that the vedic astrology predictions are quite accurate in childhood, but as the age of the native matures, the predictions begin to go heyware and almost all predictions go wrong in old age.

Sarvesh:  You are the inventor of the Energy Matrix Astrology . You have also challenged the astrologers the world over, which shows immense self-confidence in your own system. Is this system an attempt to integrate the vedic and western concepts. Does it include the best of both the world? Does it truly bridge the gap between the two?

Shivo:  Energy Matrix Astrology not only integrates both the systems, but goes even beyond that, as it also includes Karmik Progression, which is a unique method based on the Vedic insights of progression of planets through the nakshatras. Let me say that the most commonly used Vimshottary dasha system is a progression system, but it has never been used as progression system. Karmik Progression applies the insights of Vimshottary dasha system towards calculating the progression of various planets and also calculate the aspects, which is the most accurate method of predicting events. It is true that I am very confident that Energy Matrix Method is far more accurate than any other Vedic and western astrology method existing at present. My confidence stems from the practical and scientific studies, which have been undertaken by myself and my students over past many years.

Sarvesh:  Quite interesting. Is it true that the planets need to be “calmed down” (Shanti) through hawans etc. Pls explain us in a comparative mode about this aspect with respect to vedic, western and the energy matrix system?

Shivo:  It is true that in deep devotion, the negative impact of planets gets blunted. However, now a days, we perform hawans not in the state of deep surrender, but with the feeling that we are in control and hence they don’t work. Western astrology don’t believe in devotion, but in understanding the psychology associated with planets, which is more relevant in today’s times. However, approach of energy matrix goes beyond both and integrates the spiritual and psychological aspects to figure out the approaches to transform the negative energy into positive.

Sarvesh:  Can you just give us a glimpse of the comparative remedies which a vedic astrologer, a western astrologer and an EMA astrologer would suggest for a common problem. Lets say a person comes to complain that his relationship with his wife is deteriorating. What would be the comparative remedies between the vedic and the western? How would your system handle this?

Shivo:  Interesting question. Vedic astrologer may suggest wearing a diamond or fasting on Friday to please the goddess or many other such methods. Western astrologer will try to give certain insights one is missing about woman in general and his wife in particular and obviously understanding them can improve his relationship with his wife. Energy matrix astrologer will suggest the psychological blocks and insights to work upon, but he will also suggest the ways to clean the energy blocks and conditioning in the form of pranayams, chakra cleaning, meditation techniques and other awareness enhancing practices. Energy Matrix Astrology also has an approach that most of the pains, frustrations and troubles in life are because of the wrong choices we make and this system provide comprehensive ways to make the right choices.

Sarvesh:  Wow, the readers would be glad to know that you have also integrated true spiritual processes in your system which can make them feel empowered and closer to divinity, rather than making them feel fearful and compelling them to please gods which most of the traditional astrologers do.

Shivo:  ya, it is true that traditional astrology is more fear centered, while Energy Matrix is more inspirational and love centered in nature.

Sarvesh:  Yes! That’s what we need in today’s chaotic times .That’s it from my side. I wish you all the best and sincerely hope that you come out successful in your challenge.

Shivo:  Thank you dear Sarvesh. However, let me say,  that the purpose of my challenge is not really to establish myself as the best astrologer but to establish the truth of astrology by way of cleaning up of all the mis conceptions taking place in the name of this divine science.

Sarvesh:  Your purpose is really a very noble one. I am sure it will happen through you.

Shivo:  Thanks you. May the truth be unraveled.


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4 thoughts on “Vedic Astrology v/s Western Astrology

  1. Mahesh Acharekar says:

    Great Explanation on Vedic Astrology v/s Western Astrology and Energy Matrix Astrology

  2. CP says:

    your article is very interesting. The most talked about issue about Vedic astrology is the issue of mangliks at the time of marriage. What are your views about it. Does mars really affect that much that one’s spouse will die if one is manglik and marries a non manglik ?

    Does concept of being manglik really exist ?

  3. gourav patri says:

    its really great to know that indian vedic astrology which has its roots thousands of year back is much more accurate than western astrology the way you have explained the difference in details thank you for bringing indian astroloy to an international platform and i hope many common man will get benifited by your group and aslo get to learn the correct applications of it -great going i am with you-gourav

  4. archana kalia says:

    As an EMA student I can vouch for it….it is the true evolution …hymns , songs ,prayers have been written /composed..spiritual leaders have evolved teachings and moral codes but the possible annihilation of conscience is scary ..religion has not been fully effective in evoking conscience….. I personally feel EMA is the answer to it….with regards to Shivo and a big thank you …

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