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Will Amazon Kindle Replace Manual Reading in the coming future?

According to a popular magazine, from the time Amazon Kindle was introduced; the number of book readers have decreased ten-fold. And it is true, in the coming days the Amazon Kindle will most likely replace the traditional books.

One might argue that the feeling is not the same, Amazon Kindle will never be able to replace the traditional books. But the world today has become a digital village. People choose ease over feelings any day and that is what is happening here.

With its introduction on 28th March 2011, Amazon has made sure that they see a rise in the number of book readers. There are many services and benefits of an Amazon Kindle over a traditional book, and that is what we are going to discuss in this article. 

Internet and e-books have pushed physical bookstores into a tight corner 

E book readers have the exclusive privilege of reading at their own spare time. They have a world full of choices and can skim through the writings as well. Amazon Kindle provides a ready dictionary which helps to understand the content most appropriately. Moreover, the additional baggage of carrying a book or books can be avoided. Kindle has become a way of life today and one looks up to date when carrying the modern gadget.

Old order changeth and yields place to the ne, said Alfred Lord Tennyson.

The book stores housing books is increasingly becoming a thing of the past. Imagine for a while, the expenses involved in the transaction; you require a building, then there is the rent and electricity charges and one has to pay the employees as well. The recurring expenses leaves little room for profits.

One of the major reasons as to why e-Books are gaining popularity is simply down to the comfort and luxury they provide. The book is there in your Kindle; your read at will. Pitted against this is the hard-bound copy which is voluminous and sometimes dogeared and gives a dismal look. Yes, there is a feeling of happiness when one sits in a book store browsing a favorite author, but in today’s world the frenzied pace of living leaves little room for tying or comfort. E books are a delight because you have it with you at all times and at all places. 

E-Sales booming 

The young generation has embraced technology in great measures. Computers have become a way of life, the Kindle for example has made a global market. People do not want to use up their space at home filling it with books. The Y generation have got a different set of taste and preferences. The E books match with their likings. Moreover, E books are cheap and for most of the books you don’t have to pay any money. Further, downloading and reading has become the way of life. Books in the hardcover copy are increasingly becoming like the grandfather clock. Statistics reveal that the number of people visiting the library is decreasing by number day by day. The pertinent question here is, do the young want books to open at the click of their mouse? You can also do multitasking when you read an E book!

The global market is increasingly demanding e-Books because it provides cheap reading material availability. They have also become the trendsetter. E-Books match with the needs of this generation.

The young increasingly believe in transactional relationships. The hard copies have become more like the decorative items; a thing of the past. E books are expected to boost it sales because the literacy rate the world over has become phenomenal. A child studying in school would love more to operate a computer or a Kindle than read a hard copy of a book.

Parents, marketers have aptly analyzed these needs. Market surveys are underway to find out specific requirements on Languages, Science, Mathematics and Fiction such that one gets the freedom of choice and is able to move well in the modern times. 

Why is Amazon Kindle Gaining Popularity? 

Amazon has become a household name today. Amazon not only sells books, but also sells all commodities to cater for needs of mankind. It has become a brand which is liked because of its honesty and integrity. There are numerous discounts available on the Amazon Kindle.

The book readers on Amazon Kindle have got multiple choices and hence decision making becomes the easier. The value proposition given to customer by Amazon is the best in the world today.

Amazon Kindle is a comprehensive technical set up; unique of its kind. The appearance of the Kindle is a site to behold. It is light and found to be very handy. Purchase of a Kindle is looked upon like a lifetime investment. When one buys a Kindle, he gets access to thousands of e-books which have made history. Amazon Kindle has become the fad of the 21st century. Amazon has made a great market survey and pitches its product meeting aspirational requirement of the masses.

Amazon has categorized all is e-books into different categories with prices ranging differently. Most of the books on Kindle are free. But some are charged and even they have some great deals you must steal.

Apart from these, one major reason as to the success of Amazon Kindle is also down to the popularity of Amazon. No other online site can provide the services and digital security that Amazon provides its Kindle’s subscribers. Also, add to that list the generous discounts and promotional offers from Amazon significantly reduces the cost of an e-Book. For example, the Amazon SBI offer allows the users you to avail 15% cashback on their e-Book purchase. 

Final Words

Amazon Kindle is the change agent which is leaving an indelible mark on its readers. Kindle is the new word which is increasingly becoming popular. Sitting in an Aircraft or lying down on a couch or while travelling in the train, Kindle provides you the company to desire. People often remain engrossed in reading; a common site today. Amazon Kindle has become the invitation gift which one can gift to oneself or to the person we love.


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