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Astrology is better indicator of human behavior than psychology

Osho Shivo is an inspirational astrologer and carries the mission of turning astrology into the tool for making right choices in the current chaotic environment. He is the inventor of Energy Matrix Astrology, which provides unparalleled accuracy to astrological predictions.He is also making immense efforts to popularize the scientific dimension of astrology and hence making it free from the fear psychosis and superstitions. Shivo is also an astrology coach with unique teaching methods, which unravels the complex mysteries of astrology in simple, interesting and practical manner. Currently he is conducting an online course on Energy Matrix Astrology. You can email him at thirdeyeastrology@gmail.com or call him at 093231 50873 for further info.

Shivo has just challenged all the astrologers in the world, where he claims that Energy Matrix Astrology, is far more effective than traditional Vedic and Western Astrological methods. You can know more about this challenge at the Facebook page- “Global Astrological Challenge” . You can also join his facebook profile by name “Astrologer Shivo”.

Sarvesh Mopkar is a Chartered Accountant by profession. Since childhood he is naturally drawn to spirituality and occult sciences and his mission is to bring out in front of the world the most genuine, practical and authentic people in their respective fields. He can be contacted at his email sarveshmopkar@yahoo.co.in, cell: +91 98222 43867.


Sarvesh:  Human behavior has been always very mysterious to predict. Psychologists over the years have tried to analyze the mind but their approach is generally towards RECTIFICATION of some problem. Astrology, too, attempts to understand the human behavioral patterns. Whats your views on these two approaches? What are the strengths and weaknesses of both these approaches?

Osho Shivo:  Let us first understand, why human behavior appears so mysterious. It is because human beings are operated mostly by their sub conscious and unconscious and very little by conscious. Hence they have no control over their own behavior. For example, they themselves may believe to be loving at some point, but they may not know, that it is their domination or insecurity which is forcing them to behave in a certain manner. I remember a guy,  who used to cut his thumb with a blade so as to write letters to his girl friend with his blood. He believed that this is because of his immense love. However, later as he gained awareness through meditation, he realized that it was just his domination tactic, so that he can make his girl friend guilty and force her to respond by way of writing letters, which she had always refused to. This is how our behavior is, we believe to be doing something, but we are doing something else.

So much hidden conditioning make human behavior unpredictable. Psychologists have been trying to understand the sub conscious and unconscious for long. However, they have very little idea of how mind functions. Psychology is more about comparing the functioning of mind of different people. It tries to rectify the mind of those, who deviate from the normal mind, as such minds are considered sick. However, such an approach also throws the baby with the bath water, as so many geniuses are also declared psychiatric cases, just because they did not confirm to the average mind. Astrology however, recognizes and respects individuality and can help diagnose the obstacles one faces, in the path to self actualization.

Sarvesh:  Great explanation! I was going to ask you about this. Albert Einstein, for example, was an abnormal child and a below average student as per the traditional psychology.  But we all know now the intellectual and spiritual insights he attained in his life. So this was a clear failure of the traditional approach. As an astrologer, can you really understand the true potential of a person in front of you? Can astrology really have a peep into the ‘real’ person, beyond the outer personality. Because that would make it an extremely ’empowering’ science…

Osho Shivo:  Ya, this is what astrology is all about. For ex. if someone is having very difficult time, and it is figured out by way of astrology that there is an immense influence of ketu right now, it is easy to diagnose that he is only grappling to uncover some truth, and as this influence fades in, the time for immense creation will dawn. An intelligent astrologer will clearly tell him that this is the time for chaos and he must live it, and he will also be able to clearly specify when the creation is going to begin out of this chaos. On the other hand, if the same person is taken to a psychologist, he will declare him to be a confused personality and will try to tinker with his mind so as to normalize it.

Sarvesh:  You are right sir. I got some information about a couple of days back about the methods used by the psychologists. There are techniques like behavioral therapy, systematic de-sensitisation, counseling etc. I observed one thing which really amused me. There is a struggle to change the mind. Somehow or other, struggle to change it. We all know for how long can this be effective. Last step is psychiatric medicines. Now all this sounds very dis-empowering. What techniques, as an astrologer would you suggest ? Suppose a woman comes to you and complain that her husband’s behavior is getting very unloving day by day. Although we know how psychologist will handle this case, you can give us an idea on that. But more importantly, as an astrologer, how will you handle this?

Osho Shivo:  You are so very true. Efforts to change the functioning of mind can never succeed. For the simple reason that such efforts are being made at conscious level and sooner or later, sub conscious and unconscious is going to take over again, which is almost 10 times more powerful than conscious. Trying to train the mind is like painting the water-pot with a color which will wash away with the first rainfall.

In the case, you have asked me about of a woman who complains about her husband to be unloving, astrology will first discover, if it is a deep rooted feeling or it is a passing influence. Astrology will also suggest the points of her vulnerability as well as of strength. An intelligent astrologer will help tackle this issue, by helping her become aware of her weaknesses and using her strengths. Also, understanding of astrology must be combined with ontological and spiritual approach. So, with ontological understanding, an astrologer can point out how she take take responsibility of creating a loving relationship and stop feeling like a victim. With spiritual understanding, astrologer will be able to figure out her chakra blocks and suggests her the ways to clean them up, and that will change her whole perspective. She will also be guided to work on her heart chakra and she will begin to blossom and spread the fragrance of love.

Sarvesh:  That really cleared some thick clouds of doubts that I personally had..Well Shivoji, now lets talk on the most interesting aspect of astrology which you too will love to talk about  – and that is its ‘PREDICTIVE’ power. We as human beings are not only interested in a person’s behavior now but also how he will behave in future. For example a young girl is heard talking to her boyfriend, ” I hope you will stay like this after marriage”!.. Prospective business partners want to know whether their present good behavior would sustain in the future..Does traditional psychology have any predictive value as to human behavior? To what extent? And hows your approach towards astrology when it comes to predicting the behaviors?

Osho Shivo:  Ahhhh! Predictive power of astrology is just amazing. I deals in long term as well as short changes in behavior. Astrology can also predicts the triggering of patterns. It is true that the predictive power of astrology turns it into a wonderful tool to figure out the future challenges in any relationship, be it marriage or partnership. If one has understood in advance, what is going to change and when, one is empowered to face it. If such changes are unacceptable, than one has a choice of not entering into that relationship. One of the most powerful application of astrology is to help people make right choices, be it in the field of education, career, marriage or anything else. I dont think, psychology can be of any help in this matter.

Sarvesh:  Generally, I find psychologist blaming the genes, the parents, the environment etc etc for the person’s behavior. I also find certain astrologers  blaming the planets for the persona’s behavior. So blame game is there in either cases. But I find your approach towards astrology is somewhat unique, proactive and without any blame games. But its also natural that a person who is really suffering because of someone’s behavior or his own behaviour would go into blaming mode. Now what would you suggest such people, both as an astrologer and as an psychologist?

Osho Shivo:  Well, one needs to understand, there is nothing to blame. Almost all the events in a normal person’s life happen as a result of our own past karmas. However, as the person begins to grow spiritually, more and more events happen with divine guidance, so that he can grow in consciousness. Some of such events can be very difficult, but they are divine mechanism to help this person grow and one would be filled with gratitude in such cases. Hence, I do not find any reason to blame anyone for your agony. And I always explain this to people, that it is futile to blame anyone.

Sarvesh:  Since I belong to the world of accounting, let me give one simile and that may help to clarify certain things. There is something called ‘financial accounting’ which is only a postmortem of past financial transactions. Nothing beyond that. I would compare psychology with it. Good only for understanding but of no use in decision making. Then there is something called ‘management accounting’. This concept helps the management to take the most important decisions in the life of the company.. I feel astrology belongs to this category. Unless something is useful for taking decisions in your life, whats the point in following it even if it is considered to be a science. Shivoji, your words on the practical dimensions of astrology were really enlightening..Would you like to finally add any more views on the topic?

Osho Shivo:  You have given a wonderful example from accounting
Sarvesh, which explains all. Unfortunately, astrology being an ancient science has become ritualistic and has begun to stink. I wish to invite intelligent and compassionate group of people, especially the psychologists to study astrology and help many, who are grappling with their lives.

Sarvesh:  Yes! I hope this happens some day. Thank you Shivoji once again for bringing more awareness in our lives. Wish you all the best in all your future endeavors. our lives.

Osho Shivo:  Thank you Sarvesh for channelizing deeper insights through your questioning.


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3 thoughts on “Astrology is better indicator of human behavior than psychology

  1. dushyant says:

    psychology is not indicator, it is behavior science it self. astrology may be indicator. my understanding is indicator means a meter which can indicate happening in advance. but i have no shraddha in astrology. my belief is you body mind and soul is the best indicator on the earth, you should connect it to nature. thank u.

  2. Osho Shivo says:

    Astrology is not just a science of making predictions, it also provides deep insights on life, including psychology. By now, I have taught astrology so so many psychology students and their feedback tells me, that their understanding of psychology have grown much more than before.

  3. rakesh says:

    i love the discussion and have some clarity about psychlogy and astrology.thank you for your kind approch towards spirituality through astrology shivoji.

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