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Video interview of Ashok Dave

Ashok Dave

Video of Interview

The most awaited video has arrived. Recently, you read the interview article of Ashok Dave, who is a humorist, a columnist. Mostly, popular for his outstanding column ‘Encounter’ where he answers stupid, humorous questions in an intellectual yet humorous manner.

Those who earlier missed his interview article, can read the same at:



Devang Vibhakar is the Founder and Editor of www.SpeakBindas.com. He has interviewed more than 350 people. His effort was recognized by Limca Book of Records, twice. He has been to Scotland as well as Germany as part of vocational & cultural exchange programs and has compiled five books so far. He's passionate about bringing forth interesting stories & interviews of entrepreneurs to avid readers of SpeakBindas. He can be reached here.

16 thoughts on “Video interview of Ashok Dave

  1. Mayank says:

    Hi Devang bhai,

    I was always thinking of watching an interview of Mr. Ashok Dave but was never lucky before. You have done an excellet job of providing a way for that. I heartly appreciate your effort. I am also a big fan of Ashok Dave’s columns and encounter.

    Thank you very much.

  2. Hi Mayank,

    Even I had this feeling, that how he would be looking!! I was fortunate enough to bring him LIVE to all his fans, including myself and you. And in today’s Encounter column (26/04/2009), he has covered my question, which is a must read!

    My question: કરોડપતિ બનવાનો સિધો અને સરળ કોઇ રસ્તો ખરો? સિવાય રાજકારણ?
    – દેંવાંગ વિભાકર – Speakbindas.com, રાજકોટ
    Answer: બાવા બની જાઓ… અને બીજાને બનાવો!

    This was truly humorous to read.

  3. Pinki says:

    vooooow…. gr8 devang

    thank u soo much !!

  4. Dadu,

    Spoken frank , spoken truth, spoken the hearts of all Indians,

    Spoken Bindaas !!

    Jay Shri Krishna

    Manish & Parul

  5. Naimish Siddhpura says:

    Hello Devanbhai,

    Thank you very much for uploading the interview on this website. I am not getting the video interview of Shree Ashok Dave. Can you provide me the correct link for that, please?

    With best regards,

    Naimish Siddhpura.

  6. Naimish Siddhpura says:

    Sorry Devangbhai for wrongly spelling your name!

  7. rahim khatri says:

    saras maja aavee.
    જે ડૂબે પુષ્પ ને પથ્થર તરે ,એવોય્યે જોયું છે.
    કરે કોઈ અંને કોઈ ભરે,અવોય્યે જોયું છે.
    સહન સઘરા કરી લે જૂલમ ,ઊફ ના મૂખ ઉપર આણે.
    જૂલમ તે પર ,જગત ઝાઝા કરે, એવૂંએ જોયું છે .
    ખરેખર વિશ્વ કેવા રંગ દેખાડે છે .માણસ ને ,
    પિતા પોતાના બેટા થી ડરે,એવૂંએ જોયું છે .
    ગરીબ આંખોં એ જોયું છે ,ઘણું ના જોવા જેવું પણ,
    કે ડૂબે સાંઢિયા, લિન્ડા તરે ,એવોય્યે જોયું છે.

    ગરીબ ખત્રી જુનાગઢી

  8. shailesh badani says:

    tamari mehnat rang lavi chhe.
    apana rit-rivajo sha mate padya hase te mate koi tarkik karn hase?

  9. ATUL C. KOTHARI says:

    quality of voice recording is very poor. i hardly hear any one sentence properly. same problem was in hearing tarak mehta interview.

    1. Atulbhai, SpeakBindas is a non-profit website so we are working with our passion and available resources.

  10. ATUL KOTHARI says:

    dear friend devangbhai

    I appreciate your work, and congratulate for having name in limca book of record.
    But when you have planned to go outside india for taking interview of international personality than this your limitation you have to overcome and solved and i do not think it require huge resources for improving sound quality. and what is use of hearing interview when one can not listen words properly?

    1. Few points I would like to ponder here Atulbhai.

      First of all, let’s not make the poor voice quality of couple of interviews as the entire reflection of all interviews on SpeakBindas. There are many other interviews which have the best possible audio quality as we could organize them in a supportive environment. Also do watch them.

      Secondly, SpeakBindas’ readers/viewers are very well aware about the way of SpeakBindas’ working – i.e. we do visit people and interview them at their places, and hence there will always be un-professional way of doing it. As a solution of this, we need to have an in-house, sound-proof studio. And you can understand how much money it may require, and that to for a cause where there is no intention of earning.

      Thirdly, about the camera we use to interview people. It’s a digital cam, not even a handycam, so no chance of talking about a professional camera which comes with collar mike.

      But yes, if well wishers do come upfront and share their desire to support the cause of SpeakBindas, we can surely do better and better. Problems you mentioned, we already know. Let’s find solutions now, and it requires ACTION.

      And, all above is not a complain nor even a problem for us. I am enjoying it as I know that what I’m doing, I’m doing with best of intentions and best efforts with available resources. 🙂

      1. But yes, I also understand that they your unhappiness is the product of your desire to listen to your favorite writer in a better way. I can understand that.

  11. naran says:

    hi Devang bhai,
    i liked your interview with Shailesh Makadia, and its really encourage me to do something new in my life.thanks for your hard work and effort

    1. Thanks Naran for your words. Yes, the success story of Dr. Shailesh Makadia is indeed inspirational.

  12. Nimesh says:

    wow, finaly got Ashko vedio, I am reading ashko since I interpretate the difference between a human and rikshaw !!!

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